How to Make Your Own NFTs

If you want to create your own NFTs, the Nova NFT Marketplace is a great place to start. You can quickly mint NFTs and create your own collections. The Nova NFT Marketplace offers low fees, quick transaction times, and has a growing NFT community.

There are many platforms to choose from, but usually, you just need to fill in your NFT details, upload your digital art or file, and pay the minting fee when you wish to sell them. 

NFT (non-fungible token) hype; Celebrities, digital artists, and creatives are all gearing up to put their artwork on the blockchain. From paintings to songs and even collectible trading cards, the possibilities are enormous when minting NFTs. It’s a great way of proving authenticity and ownership of creative works.

If you’re really talented (or lucky), you can also make some decent money. Think of it as a digital collectible record or one-off painting. If there’s a significant demand for your NFT, prices can be sky-high. You might have heard of visual artist Beeple, who sold an NFT called “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for more than $69 million. 

Apart from Beeple, other artists are selling their NFTs on blockchain-based marketplaces. The top sales speak for themselves.

Nova NFT Marketplace

Before Minting

Before you can start minting your own NFTs, you’re going to need three things:

  1. Your song, artwork, or collectible
  2. Some BNB crypto to pay the minting fee
  3. A cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto
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What is an NFT?

You might be sure you want to mint an NFT, but do you know exactly what one is? At its most basic, it’s a type of cryptocurrency that represents something unique, collectible, and that cannot be replicated.

A simple analogy of an NFT is a shiny Pokémon card. Anyone can print one off and perhaps even make it look almost identical to a real one. But it’s just not the same in the mind of a collector. We value the shiny Pokémon card for its uniqueness and authenticity. This is the same with an NFT. Of course, you can download the NFT’s associated image or collectible, but that doesn’t represent actual ownership or authenticity.

Even NFTs in a limited run aren’t all the same. You may have the 01/100 in the series, which can make it more valuable than the other units. To learn more about the NFT craze’s origins, you can’t go wrong by reading up on CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. These were some of the first hugely popular digital collectible projects on the Ethereum network.

Nova NFT Marketplace

What can be an NFT?

A big question to answer is what precisely an NFT can represent. Can it only be digital items or real-world artworks too? While it’s not as common, physical collectibles can be represented by NFTs. In these cases, the private key to a wallet containing the NFT is usually inbuilt or provided with the piece.

Still, it’s much more common for digital artworks, songs, gifs, and videos to have their own NFT. Even video game collectibles can be represented with NFTs and financial staking products. Crypto art and NFTs aren’t just limited to one format, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity for your new NFT.

Do I need a specific wallet to use NFTs?

To make it simple, we recommend using MetaMask. This crypto wallet supports a wide variety of blockchains. You should always double-check, however, that your wallet supports the blockchain your token is on.

How to mint an NFT on Nova NFT Marketplace

Before you can start minting or purchasing NFTs on the Nova NFT Marketplace, you need pair your chosen wallet to it. This can be done by clicking the ‘wallet’ in the top right corner. To use the Nova NFT marketplace you will need to add a sufficient amount of WVSol and BNB to cover the purchases and/or minting fees.

1. Go to the Nova NFT homepage and click [Create NFT]. You will be redirected to the minting page.

2. You need to CONNECT your wallet – either approving it the first time or connecting to it on subsequent visits.

3. Create an NFT collection or select your existing one. {IF creating a new COLLECTION}

Nova NFT Marketplace

Enter the details for your NFT collection, including:

  • Collection name;
  • Description;
  • Category;
  • Logo image;
  • Banner image;
  • Royalty fee;
  • Social media links (optional).

You won’t be able to change the name, symbol, category, network, and royalty fee after the collection is created, so make sure the details are correct. You also need to read and agree to the NFT Minting Rules and Terms of Service before clicking Create.

  1. Click Continue to pay any startup gas fees (very small charge for establishing starting links and operational items unique to your account – for security). Creating a collection will also deploy an independent smart contract, you’ll need to pay a Smart Contract Deployment Fee. Once the collection is ready, you can start minting your NFTs.
  1. Click Create NFT and You will be redirected to the creation page. 
  2. Enter the details of your NFT, including:

    • Name;
    • Description;  
    • Network; 
    • Collection;
    • Properties.
Nova NFT Marketplace

After setting the details, you’ll see an estimated minting fee for the NFT. Read and agree to the NFT Minting Rules and Terms of Service and click Create.

If you are ready to mint, go ahead or wait until you have finalized and built out your collection to mint..

7. Click Create NFT and You will be redirected to the creation page. 

8. Enter the details of your NFT, including:

  • Name;
  • Description;  
  • Network; 
  • Collection;
  • Properties. 

9. Your file will start to upload and the NFT automatic verification system will review your NFT. 

10. Once the minting process is complete, you will see the NFT contract address and Token ID. You can click List NFT to list it for sale on the Nova NFT Marketplace.

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